Love yourself – lessons from a 10 year old

This one is short and sweet – well as much as my rambling keyboard allows ;)
So my daughter was getting ready for school the other day and says outloud “I love my hair – it’s so long and I can do cool stuff with it”

My very first instinct is to teach her about how it is important to be humble and not “brag about yourself”, maybe have a conversation about what the word “conceited” means :(   I am soooooo glad I did not act on that instinct!

How awesome is it that a girl, older than a toddler, just learning about peer pressure and being socially accepted, is STILL able to think about herself that way!?  How awesome is it that society has not yet stolen the joy that she thinks she’s a pretty good dancer and loves the opportunity to show it off?!  How wonderful that she can know she’s good at something, know she’s beautiful, and know that it’s ok to have that opinion about herself!

As I look back over my 39 years, one of my greatest strengths has been my humility… or has it?  What has being humble cost me?  And did “humble” somehow, along the way, morph into not being able to accept or appreciate my other strengths?

I do still think there is virtue in not being self-important or self-involved, so that you eliminate the strengths of those around you – but there is a balance so that you don’t squash your own sense of worth isn’t there?

Maybe we can all take lessons from a 10 year old – lessons in how to love ourselves (without making others smaller) and lessons in how to nourish that trait in our little ones!


It is pretty awesome hair ;)



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