It’s official – I weigh the same…

Ok that’s not an exciting headline UNLESS you spent 5 days on a island! haha
We just got back from a 5 (well 6 because we got “stuck” there) day vacation on an island beach – it was as wonderful as it sounds :)

While I was there I was prepared to gain weight – mostly because I was NOT prepared to eat “sensibly”, sorry just wasn’t in the mood.  And there is a domestic beer there… that is cheap… and we had an ice chest…

So I came back and after giving a few days for bloat to go away and glycogen to come back to the muscles after a few workouts I weighed in – and I was exactly the same as right before I left!

I thought this was a slight miracle, and I am still kinda wondering how that happened – there was a LOT of beer over the week, we ate at the pizza joint twice, and I had fried tacos. BUT then I started to realize a few things that went RIGHT, yes even on vacation, and yes without me even really trying!  THAT is the most awesome part – it’s so engrained that I didn’t even really have to try (or suffer for that matter).

So what went right while I was gone for 6 days?

  • my breakfast was spot on every single morning – either eggs or oats, this was our “base” for the day
  • 10405616_10205489059759442_9003561543595611930_n

    oats and coffee :)

  • I can count 3 dinners that I had grilled meat and veggies just because it looked good on the menu – tuna steak once, ceviche several times
  • 11426259_945338625486707_5077691948654511222_n

    ceviche – fish and peppers and onions and lime

  • lunch was often a simple sandwich (even if I had 3 lunches that day because exploring and beaching takes a lot out of you and you need to stay fed)
  • every day had a lot of activity – we walked at least 3 miles one day, trekked up a mountain another, paddle boarded another, swam in the waves in between bouts of total lounge chairing
  • 11667289_949735535047016_6140601898340327171_n

    paddle boards!


    3 mile walk – and flex :)


    trek up and down the mountain :)


    total lounging


    flex time during another walk :)

  • and while we did buy snack foods for the condo, you can only eat what you have there so it was a saving grace some nights to run out of chips early ;)

This must have been enough to offset the indulgances, which when looking back weren’t constant, maybe one per day.  Which is a great record when you have not put a limit on yourself!

I’ve written about being on vacation or on holidays before (search the blog for New Orleans or Thanksgiving) and you know that I don’t believe you can just go hog wild without consequences – indulging is not the point of this post.  I realized that even though I had not intentionally been “good”, there are enough habits in place that the consequences aren’t as drastic as they could have been :)   It’s important to have habits in place – and when they are it’s not as painful.  I ordered a grilled tuna without even feeling like I was making a “responsible choice” – it just looked good and I enjoyed my dinner – I didn’t feel like I was being left out of something :)

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