It's not a program, it's your LIFE

Now as a formerly fat girl (sorry if that is offensive but I find it best for ME not to sugar coat my own “opportunities for improvement” lest I should repeat them)… anyway, as a formerly fat girl I realize how uncomfortable this topic is but the sooner you realize it the better off you will be…


When I started my quest to lose 30 lbs I got on a “diet” where I fully intended to lose weight quickly and “be done” in 3 months.  I even figured I would have to do this once a year to take off the (little bit of) weight I would realistically gain in the remaining 9 months of the year.   This was a dreadful plan!

First, my goal wasn’t strong enough and actually probably wouldn’t have even made me “healthy” – I needed to lose much more than 30 lbs (and I did – lost 60 thanks to some difficult lessons and some GREAT friends).  But I’ll be honest I am not sure “healthy” was even on my mind at that time – I just didn’t want to be fat anymore!

Then there is the issue of actually PLANNING to lose and gain weight for the rest of my life – if you’ve not heard, that is bad bad bad for your health – perhaps worse than just being overweight to begin with.

Finally the lesson that woke me up is the silly notion that if I resumed my normal patterns of eating those other 9 months, I would only gain a “little” weight.  Same habits = same weight.

And somewhere along the way I slowly came to the realization - not a fun one for a fat girl I will be the first to tell you – that this 3 month diet would have to become my new life.  Sure once you are at goal weight you can have a cupcake now and again – but now and again is no longer every night before bed or with ice cream :)   Let me assure you, I was not overweight from eating 6 hamburgers at the drive thru for lunch or wharfing a box of twinkies at my desk … I was overweight because I ate ok portions of not so ok foods, indulged a sweet tooth a little too often, drank sweet tea, or tried to eat “healthy” but didn’t know the principles of weight management (or rather how to apply them in every day living).  I didn’t gorge myself, I just ate all the wrong foods.
**which brings me to the topic of another post – eating healthy versus eating for weight management – they are NOT the same thing**

Why am I writing this post? Because I can see people every day struggling with their weight and trying to sum up the courage to adhere to their “30 day diet” so they can lose that 15 lbs, or plan to exercise “until this 10 lbs disappears” or for a 90 day program … as if they can just lose that 20 lbs they won’t have to worry about it any more!  Your weight is not static, once you lose 20 lbs it doesn’t just stay gone, you have to live in a way that keeps it off.  If you exercised to lose it, you have to exercise to keep it away – if you ate chicken and broccoli every meal to lose it, guess what?  You aren’t gonna get away with getting back into your fast food burger habit.

Whatever you did before, whatever your habits were that kept you at the weight you dislike (and is probably unhealthy for you) … you can never get into those habits again.  When you are “done” with your diet, when you get “off” your diet you have to have formed new habits or else …

I can hear you now whining about “so I can never have another cupcake?”… and “so what happened to everything in moderation huh?”
Well what I really said is that you cannot EVER get into those habits again – which likely was more than one cupcake in your whole life and more than moderation in everything – if it wasn’t you wouldn’t be overweight :)   You might have a cupcake once a month or your favorite dinner at the bar and grill once a month, but it cannot be a daily thing or likely a weekly thing – you have to get new habits and these “treats” have to your abnormal behavior, not your normal!

The best I can tell you is wipe your tears and put on your big girl panties – I had to and will have to do that for the rest of my life.  People think I have it easy – “oh but you lost all that weight, you are lucky you don’t have to be on a “diet” any more”, and my favorite “you just don’t understand how hard it is”.
Every day I am on a “diet” – at least that is what my former self would call it, now we call it a nutrition plan  :)   – if I don’t watch what I eat or make good choices, I don’t just “plateau”, I gain weight.  It’s much more tolerable than it was in the beginning – even enjoyable most of the time! – but there are days when it is hard and there are days when it is HARD! and I pick myself up and remember what I learned, what I realized, this is my new life and just like every life there are good days and there are bad and we just keep chugging!


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