It’s here… the “At the Mercy of Debi” Challenge

Typically for Fitographer challenges, you set your own exercise/nutrition goals, but this time *I* am gonna do that for you!  You are AT THE MERCY OF DEBI! 

Now don’t get scared… the goals are reasonable and guidelines are general (ie I’ll tell you to eat “protein”, not “4.5 oz of organic chicken” or “7.5 almonds”)   The challenge will run for 6 weeks (optionally we might extend) – limited to 10 participants (first qualified 10).  We will have a private group to discuss and support each other.

There are a few qualifications:

Medical ability – I do not feel comfortable guiding nutrition/exercise for someone with a medical condition, so make sure you are in good health.  It is also beyond the scope of the challenge to give guidance for special dietary needs, so any sodium/gluten/lactose limits you have you should be adept at managing those yourself.

Commitment - I expect those participating to be of the mindset that they will see it through for the 6 weeks.  It’s not fair to others participating if you are only in half-heartedly.

Willingness - You should be willing to try new things, new foods, new tactics.  You won’t starve but you may need to eat some vegetables.

Prior knowledge – this challenge is geared toward those beginning their weight loss journey (or lost on their current one).  If you are looking to lose the last 1% fat on your body and/or are already adept at counting calories and know your carb/protein intake by heart, your journey is probably beyond this particular challenge.  If you have a weight loss strategy that you are invested in and you are not willing to try another (aka MY) way, it may not be for you.


If you want to participate send me an email ( and write a brief note regarding your general fitness goals, your history with dieting and exercise, your current weight loss plan (if you have one), other pertinent information (like *anything* to do with medical or physical limitations)


In addition to my own journey with weight loss (and maintenance), I have studied weight loss principles pretty relentlessly :)   I am a certified Weight Management Specialist… and this challenge is great practice for me before I start my weight management coaching ;)   But aside from what you can learn from someone is how well you connect with them – so I encourage you to look around the blog while you are deciding whether to participate! (

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