Inspiration for you!! Meet Kristina!

Kristina was aweome enough to share with us some Fit-spiration, with her awesome get-fit story!

When I started I was 176 lbs in a 5’1″ frame. I didn’t think I ate a lot because I was so busy with the kids and volunteering at school, room mom, work etc, but I had been doing a lot of stress eating, and then to lose weight I tried crazy dieting, pills, you name it I tried it.

It hit me the hardest when I looked at my son, not me. He was 11 yrs old and being picked on and I had no idea why. He was overweight, eating like me, stress eating. I knew then I had to change, if not for me, for him. I knew this was not going to be easy because a pill can’t help your child lose weight so I had to do it the right way. I also was afraid for him that he would end up like half of my family, obese. I as a parent couldn’t allow that. I challenged him. I bribed him like any good parent would. I’d get him a PS3 if he’d start eating healthy with me. He accepted that challenge.

We ate right and we knew it would be difficult and we knew we had to work and push through it. In 9 months I lost 67lbs and watched my son become a healthier, more active version of himself too.

The best part about my transformation was the energy. I haven’t had this much energy in forever! I started running, ran a 1/2, a full, started doing mud runs, working out is my passion and the one thing that touched me the most was it changed our habits. kristina5

When I told my son it was time to go and get his PS3 he looked at me and said, “no, I’d rather have the money and get a new wardrobe because if I get a new gaming system I’ll just play on it all day.” Well, we went shopping!

I had to do what was best for me. What’s best for me isn’t best for everyone. I ate low glycemic for the most part and cut out sugars. I did eat bread but I ate whole grain and I ate it in the morning not at night. I ate any and all fruits and veggies that I wanted as long as they were fresh. The glycemic index didn’t matter so much there. I kept my added sugars below 20gms a day.  I wish I had focused on drinking more water though.

My typical menu was this

Breakfast:  3 scrambled eggs with green peppers, onions, and because I have to have cheese, just a sprinkle so I could see it (my own little mind game)

Snack: Triscuits and homemade salsa

Lunch:  Tuna and triscuits with mustard, Fresh Pineapple

Snack: Celery, carrots, salsa

Dinner:  Grilled lemon pepper chicken (Foreman grill), Salad (if I used dressing, I’d put it on the side and dip my fork into it), Green beans

Dessert:   Klondike No Sugar Added

I prep my fruits and veggies on Sunday into small containers so they are ready to go.

My son will eat what we eat, but my daughter is quite picky having Autism, PDD-NOS. She’s a bit harder.  My go-to for fast food is Subway, but I don’t get a sandwich, I’ll get a club salad.

When I crave something I have it in moderation because I’ve found that if I’m craving cheesecake and I withhold it….I’ll eat half of one when I do get it. If I feed my cravings with a small one when I have it….I can manage to only eat that one piece. If I feel icky from eating poorly one day, I work out a bit more the next day or I’ll run a little longer. It’s all in how I’m feeling.

So, I am guilty of one thing….. I didn’t exercise at first because I had to get my mind set into eating correctly but when the pounds started coming off, I would do a little routine at home. I started running, which was horrible! I couldn’t make it mailbox to mailbox so I started out running to a mailbox, walk a mailbox, run a mailbox. Once I began I couldn’t stop. I ordered P90x which was so hard the first two weeks but I kept working hard and then I ordered Insanity. Then I started training for my 1/2 marathon.

My typical day is quite crazy on fitness. I’ll eat, work, get an hour of body sculpting in, work (I work from home) eat, Zumba, a run. Typically I get at least an hour in of cardio and a run and then weights. I love my heavy bag and kickboxing as well, and I love my tire a little bit too much! It’s good for just about anything!



My only advice that I can give is do not feel it comes off overnight. You didn’t gain the weight overnight and it’s not gonna come off overnight. Keep trying and do not give up because others will see it before you do. Do what’s right for you. Not everyone loses the same as the next person.

I remember when I was bigger I never gave much thought to how I looked or dressed. I didn’t care really…it was just me and how I was. Now since I’ve lost the weight I actually have a lot of mirrors in my house and it’s not because I’m vain but because I always see myself as that big girl I once was until I’m reminded that that’s not who I am inside or out.

I do encourage everyone to do it the healthy way. Do not use pills and/or shots because  you will lose the weight but if you haven’t taught yourself the right way to eat, it will all come back and when it does it’s not pretty because it brings friends with it.

One other thing…not everyone will react the way you expect with your weight loss or journey into becoming fit.  Some will look at you differently and sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad, but don’t ever think less of yourself. It’s not you, it’s them…it’s an issue they need to deal with.  You just keep doing what you feel is right for you!


“after” photo by Vicky Baucom Photography

CAN YOU SAY UUHHHHHH MAZING! :)   Great transformation Kristina – congrats – and thanks for sharing with us!!  I know it’s inspiring to see that a busy mom can fight for her fitness and achieve her goals :)

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