How much does protein cost?

So for a year now I’ve been seeking out protein like I am a cavewoman… seriously I don’t even eat THAT much protein, but since I must have at least some at each of my meals I feel like a protein scavenger.

One great side effect of that is, when you are busy hunting out protein, sugar and fat seems to become a much smaller percentage of your diet without even trying!

Eating protein in every one of my SIX meals kinda got me interested in comparing how much different protein sources cost $$ :)   Mostly in an attempt to prove to myself that it is completely sane and affordable to keep eating those convenient ready made bars rather than making my own or hunting down a hunk of chicken or a wild boar…

And so I thought I’d share this information with you!

Protein source Cost (in cents) per gram of protein it provides
Milk 1.69
Protein powder 2
Chicken 2
Cottage Cheese 3
Ground Turkey 3.1
Fat Free Cheese 3.4
Mootopia Milk (has added protein) 3.7
Egg whites 4
Readymade Protein Bar 5

What this list does NOT account for is the “other” contents of the item – such as sugar, carbs, fat – although all of the items I chose are fairly low fat, low sugar since they are things I eat (sensibly) every day.  It also is not nearly an exhaustive list of protein nor does it account for prices in YOUR area…
But it was interesting to me to find out that my protein powder is a pretty cheap source of protein – which at $50 per bucket of powder, didn’t SEEM so :)   Makes me feel a little better about serving up a shake every morning and making my own bars with it!

I also got a better view of things I don’t want to buy – like Mootopia milk.  It has 50% more protein than regular milk, is fat free, and is one of the items where I thought to myself “quit being a cheap a** Debi – it SEEMS more expensive but it gives you so much more protein”  and it turns out my cheapa** self was right :) No need to buy the Mootopia!

And egg whites – I was trying really hard to incorporate these into my diet, and I perhaps will for decadent recipes, but it turns out I’ll be better off throwin down some protein powder as far as the wallet goes :)

**let me also note that I’ve a recent love affair with eating whole foods so this is always a consideration – this is strictly a cost analysis :) **

You may ask why this matters? Well … when you are trying to get about 150 grams of protein daily as a minimum it can get kind of expensive!   For example if I am trying to stuff myself full of milk it will only cost me $2.50 daily – if I fill my protein requirements with readymade protein bars it will cost me $7.50 DAILY!  THAT adds up!  And while I am really enjoying the much lighter version of myself, I still don’t want to be run into the poorhouse doing it :)

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