“How did you get started?”

Reader question… How did I get started? (on this fitness/weightloss path)


This is a blog I wrote after a few months into my weight loss/fitness (the beginning if this blog all together!)  http://fit-ographer.com/goodbyetofat/

There are some things I would do differently now, but I vowed to tell the truth about what I did :) so there you have it!

I started out pretty aggressively with nutrition and pretty not-aggressively with exercise.  Probably hit the elliptical for 20 minutes 3 times a week (at a turtle’s pace).  You’ll find that actually losing weight is 80% how you eat (that’s not a calculated number, you could say 90% or 95%)  …  so while that was very successful in helping me lose weight, what I know now is that exercise is important for too many reasons to list so you wanna do that too! (one mistake)   I suggest some sort of strength training (you can look up bodyweight exercises if you aren’t comfortable with the gym equip yet… which i totally get… even after 2 years I really prefer it when the gym is quiet and no one is looking :)   )

I moved from the hardly-exercising ellipitical sessions to at-hom dvds for a long time.  You can see my workout “evolution” over the 2 years here:  http://fit-ographer.com/workout-journey/

Back to the food:  As you’ll read from the first post (goodbyetofat) I really believe in counting calories  – it was (and is) my favorite method… there are a lot of “plans” out there esp with prepackaged foods or exact menus of food you can prepare or points to calculate BUT basically they’ve done the calorie counting for you.  It’s not a magic food plan, they have just found a way to give you a certain number of calories but not calling it “counting” ;)

One of my mistakes was being in a hurry and eating about 1000-1200 calories a day … I learned a lesson from THAT a few months in (and am now sorta horrified after all my reading at what I possibly could have done by not eating enough!)  …. if you didn’t get the hint – I would never suggest that!  It works wonderfully for a few months and then all the sudden you cannot lose weight any more and you may actually gain weight… you’ve trained your body to subsist on way too little food (usually by shutting down bodily functions!) so any normal amount of food becomes similar to eating an entire chocolate cake.  It’s why yo-yo dieters gain more and more weight each time they “fall off the wagon” (sidebar:  where is this “wagon” anyway?  and if you are ON it, jump off and start walking – you need the exercise! haha)

Now I am rambling :)   You really should read those blog posts -  I give links to resources to find the range of calories you should be shooting for and some other stuff in them – enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!!  (if you need help finding your calorie level, contact me I am happy to help :) )

2 take-aways for those “just starting” -

  1. learn to count your calories (and how much YOU should be eating, which isn’t the same as me or anyone else)
  2. start exercising – you don’t have to jump in at 2 hours a day, start with something small, something you will DO and make a habit of it – you’ll find ways to challenge yourself :)   I will go so far as to say you should be doing SOME SORT OF STRENGTH TYPE TRAINING at least 2 times a week – I could point you to articles telling you why but you really need to practice looking for that information so I’ll let you do that one on your own :)
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