What's on your holiday wish list?

(back story… I started my “new” lifestyle January 3rd of this year)

So I am making my wish list to help some people with the holiday shopping, and I notice how my interests have, well, changed since last year …

Excerpt from last years list:
Victoria Secret lotion – cocoa butter or jojoba butter flavor
Shea butter lotion
Rudy’s bbq sauce
tupperware and pyrex
disposable pastry/frosting bags
flat cake plate – no lid or stand, just flat
popcorn flavoring

And this year’s:
adjustable weight dumbells
sweat suits for lounging around
workout clothes (size small) still makes me giggle!!!
book: You Are Your Own Gym
wireless earphones (wires bug me when I run) “run”…this makes me giggle too!!


What’s on your wishlist for the holiday season?

**PS – I do have to admit that I don’t need anything this holiday – my wonderful circle of support helped me give myself more wishes than I could ask for in one year – finding a healthier version of ME, LASIK surgery as my big reward for all that hard work, new friends …and it could go without saying… a wonderful family, a new canine addition to our home (who currently has her head stuck inside a pillow case!), how much less in need could a girl get???

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