Heavenly Oatmeal (or oatbran) Bake! (tastes like bread pudding)

2 cup egg whites + 2 cup cottage cheese + 2 cup oatbran (or oatmeal) + 2 mashed banana + cinnamon and some sweetener, in 400 oven for 20-30 min (approx)… cut into 8 bars.

125 cal, 15 protein (without banana, with banana add 25 cals)

Many times I leave out the banana (but that does make it yummy :)   )

don’t be scared – add applesauce if you’d like it moister, add protein powder for some extra protein kick, add some other types of fruit, you can hardly go wrong :)


**you can also bake into smaller dishes for smaller servings – this is 2 servings (so 1/2 cup of everything and only 1/2 the banana)…

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