New Attitude for Food

Food – we love it, we hate it, we can’t live without it… literally.

It’s fun to dine on cheesy fries topped with chili before your meal of chicken fried steak, and because you started a new job today, maybe indulge in a chocolatey wonderworld of fudge topped cake.  That is a little extreme of a fantasy but you get the point.  Food can be JUST SO YUMMY!  And I don’t know about you but that is exactly how I got to my highest weight.

Learning to eat healthy can feel like a constant denial of those yummy foods because no matter how you phrase it you got to step away from the cake in order to drop some pants sizes my friend!

And this is why we need a new attitude about food.  Food can be delicious, sinful, comforting, stimulating… it can also be nutritious fuel for our bodies.

We eat 6 times a day (hopefully!), so you really need to learn to think of food as fuel.  Once in a while a nice chocolate cake is called for – maybe a few bites – and that is a perfectly great indulgance… as is buffalo wings (which I look forward to about once every 8 weeks) but with 42 meals a week it’s just not necessary that every single meal be an indulgance; not every single meal is an “event”.  Not every meal needs to be something you savor, the best thing you ever tasted… some – nay, MOST -  of these meals need to be just plain fuel for your body to do what it needs to do.

I eat either a banana or oatmeal for breakfast.  I do not make this decision based my cravings or because years from now I will remember “that breakfast – OMG”… I choose these because my body needs carbs to do it’s job during my workout – bananas if I’ll be working out soon, oatmeal if I will be waiting about an hour.  Pure and simple fuel.  And when I am done I eat the other half of my breakfast which is protein rich with a little bit of carb.  Again because my body needs this to recover from it’s activity.

This attitude goes a long way toward your weight loss (or maintenance) goals… because you’ll spend a lot of effort (and teardrops) trying to make every single meal an indulgance, trying to turn egg whites and baking powder into FAKE cake, trying to turn no-fat cottage cheese into FAKE pancakes … and eventually giving up because egg white and cocoa is not meant to taste like chocolate cake.  It’s ok if a carrot tastes like a carrot, if brown rice is JUST brown rice – it doesn’t need to taste like a snickers bar – it needs to fuel your body and that’s it!  And once you accept that, embrace that you’ll get to move out of deprivation mode and all the stress and whining that entails…

having said that you should read the post on how your palette will change and you’ll look forward to that brown rice and the carrot with NO RANCH DIP – what????? :)

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