Bucket List… what’s on yours? (for fitness)

I read this article, and while I found it a little cheesey, the idea is awesome!
Fitness Bucket List

When I think about it I guess I’ve been making little bucket lists for myself along the way – feels like a little competition with myself, maybe a few dares mixed in there, to keep it interesting!  I used to do a strength test and dared myself to beat it by 10 or 15% each month:  pushups, situps, wall squat.  At that time it was a measure of some sort of progress AND a challenge, a dare, to do better, to BE better…. all the while knowing that it would also improve my health and get me toward goals that sometimes didn’t seem all that fun ;)

A bucket list is fun – things I want to do JUST ONCE (or more), things I want to do just to see if I CAN do them… in this fitness journey!!!

Things I’ve already crossed off my bucket list:
- one full situp – I had to start small!  I really could not do one…
- wear a bikini to the pool – that was more challenging than wall squats!
- one full pullup – I celebrated that day!
- run a race with the hubs – we did the Warrior Dash March 2012
- run for 30 minutes without stopping
- do 30 pushups on my toes!

What’s on my fit bucket list now:
- one armed pushup – it will be a while before I get to cross that one off but that’s ok – it’s not a do-it-now list ;)
- one full pullup – after surgery I can no longer do one so it’s back on my bucket list!
- squat 130lbs
- attend a bodybuilding show (as a spectator)
- see if I can hang in a Crossfit WOD
- have a photo session just for my muscles
- meet some of my online besties and see if I can hang in a workout with them!
- get myself organized so I can formally help other women start crossing off their bucket list
- pass my personal trainer test – not sure I’ll BE a PT, but I’d like to know I passed the test ;)
- beat my daughters around the track just one time!

What is on YOUR bucket list??

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