Fit Recipes!

I post recipes on facebook but they quickly get lost in the newsfeed!  And it is crazy that pages don’t have a search function… BUT groups do!  As an experiment of sorts, I’ve created a recipe group.  Members can post and search recipes, so it will be sort of like an archive of recipes that your fellow Fitographers enjoy, and perhaps you will too :)   I also like the idea that we are of different areas of the country and different backgrounds so some new flavors might be a bonus!!

Food is one of the most difficult parts of this healthy journey, especially if fitness hasn’t always been your focus.  And even with my very favorite recipes I get tired of them and need something new to try so I am hoping I’ll get inspired by some of the recipes we share!  PLUS in testing out this idea I’ve already come across a few of my OWN recipes that I had forgotten about (like the Creamy Sriracha Chicken)!!

If you’d like to join (it’s free of course!) just reply to this email and I’ll send you an invite to the recipe group!

FIT Recipes File

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