Fit-iversary! Year TWO!

Happy Fit-iversary to me!  It is the 2nd anniversary of my committment to a healthier me … and I think it’s a wonderful idea to celebrate that!  It’s part of what keeps me motivated, keeps me moving in the right direction, keeps the frustrations from becoming overwhelming or consuming, helps me step back and look at the big picture once in a while – sounds a lot like the reasons we should celebrate relationship anniversaries! haha

You can read about the first year here – that year brought the most significant changes and a lot of what I celebrate today stems from that time – the major lessons came from that year but I keep learning and growing!  This year has been a bit different – less dramatic on the outside but plenty busy and full of work and progress and a few obstacles to overcome.  I have been focusing more on gaining muscle or changing the ratio of muscle to fat at the same general weight.   This year I :

  • Had surgery which included a hefty recovery (pronounced “hellish”) period of 8 weeks of total inactivity and 9 months of restricted fitness activity – taking some real committment to fitness and nutrition so I didn’t end up where I was 2 years ago.
  • Got a permanent reminder to be STRONG, in fitness, committment, character, relationships, heart… my wrist tattoo
  • Became a certified weight loss coach, and began my study for personal training certification :)
  • Took up weight lifting as my main form of exercise – and I love it!
  • Ran 2 Warrior Dash mud runs – one with hubby in March and another with the gals in November - awesome!!
  • embarrassed myself in front of Jamie Eason (super model in the fitness world) heehee
  • tipped 100 pounds in my squat and my stiff leg deadlift – that was awesome! (I started with about 50 pounds at the beginning of the year)
  • I pressed 290 pounds on the leg press machine!  It just felt awesome and strong to see all those plates sitting on there!
  • did 2 pullups all by myself, no help :)
  • Finally, finally started seeing some bicep bumps – my triceps are apparently quick to develop but those biceps gave me a fit!

Enjoy some pics! (click to view larger)

A few months into my journey I was introduced to the SHRED and I did it, a lot – from barely being able to make it through the easiest versions of the workout until I could keep up with the harder version (still not easy!) and during that time I spent a lot of time with Jillian :)   One particular scene during the workout shows off her shoulders, with cuts and grooves  and I remember telling my friend “omg did you see her shoulders – I want those shoulders”, knowing I could work my way toward that but being realistic and keeping in mind that  “i’ll probably never look like THAT… but I am gonna try!”.  Seems a silly thing to fixate on – some groves in your shoulders, but you know what – whatever keeps you going to the gym…  I’ve since gathered many inspiring role models but the other day was looking back at my goals and I took a long look – I do have those arms, those shoulders – and it was a sweet moment for me to realize I had reached a goal that I’d forgotten I had, something I truly thought I would not be able to do.
***currently battling the flu – maybe when I get over it and shovel my way out of a large list of to-dos I’ll add a pic for comparison… I did put one of my shoulders in there for ya, just pretend Jillians is there, ya know, much smaller by comparison ;) ***

Actually I had to make this addition to the post – I promised myself I would take progress pics on my anniversary and this year talked about how I was dreading it (not because I don’t like the way I look, but just because I am in the middle of a 1 step back for 2 steps forward kind of situation)  … short backstory -a few months ago I followed an educated plan to gain some muscle mass and during that time gained 5 pounds (yes on purpose) – knowing that about 3 of that would be fat and would need to be dieted off later.  Then other things happened and I gained 3 more so I am sitting 8 pounds heavier than my last progress pics.  2 of that should be muscle so I am excited about that, it’s the additional 6 pounds to get back to where I left off.  It’s also going to take some adjustment to realize that adding muscle means adding width sometimes, and that can be shocking in pictures :)   So it feels like not-progress but I know it is (or will be) and I took my pics like a big girl… only it doesn’t count if I am not willing to share them so …

year2top debi104weeksbeforeafter


What are you going attempt this year that you always thought you couldn’t???

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