Fit-iversary giveaway!


It is almost my 5 yr fit-iversary!!!   January 3rd!
Doing a few fun things… the giveaway, I thought I’d start early!
Gorgeous bracelet with a ton of inspiration – 14 different beautiful words to inspire you.  And it’s darn cute to boot ;)


This is an awesome prize – so you are gonna have to work for it!
Only 2 steps to enter but make sure you do them both.  First you’ll subscribe to the blog, then you’ll submit your best/funny/weird/hardcore/silly/awesome/OR sentimental FIT-IVERSARY wish!

It  can be a card, video clip, meme {if you make it pertinent to “Fitographer” or include an inside joke, you get brownie points ;)    }

You can submit this via email (or reply), FB message, instagram tagging, FB post to the wall – just be sure you tell me where you submitted it in the entry below!

SUBMIT your entry by January 4th!  and stay tuned to the FB page for other fun fit-iversary nonsense :)

*minimum number of participants required
*entries may be shared on facebook and/or blog for fun – but won’t share names

a Rafflecopter giveaway  (click link if entry form is not showing)

Winner – whichever entry strikes a chord :)

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