Recipe: Spinach you will LOVE!

Spinach you will LOVE!

Bear with me… I often cook without measuring spices, etc that don’t have an impact on calorie count!  So think of this more as a guideline than a recipe :)

1 serving  frozen spinach  (thaw and squeeze all the water out in a towel or something)
1 serving sliced mushrooms
1/2 cup non fat cottage cheese
sprinkling of chili powder, cumin and pepper (you kind of have to get a feel for these, I’d start with a tsp)
salt to taste

Use a non stick pan and you don’t even have to spray it.  Start with the mushrooms until they start to get tender, then add spinach until it wilts down.  Add cottage cheese and stir.  Then sprinkle on chili powder, cumin and pepper.  Stir for a bit to let the cottage cheese melt.  Taste THEN add salt if necessary.  I have found brown mushrooms add great color but I use white or whatever looks good at the store!
It’s creamy, it’s nutty tasting, it’s green veggies without the salad dressing!!

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