When a girl meets her idol ;)

Well “idol” might be a strong word… but role model for sure!
A few months into my weight loss when I started to get serious about exercise, I read Burn the Fat (my FAV fitness book of all time), and the author stresses the importance of setting goals.  One suggested way to do this is to look for images of people you admire who have accomplished what you are trying to accomplish.  Some call this a vision board – one way to visualize your goal.  I hesitate to say that the goal is to try to “look like _______” because that’s not what it’s about.  It’s really more of a way to get a clear picture of what you are aiming for, what goal you’ll be working toward, the picture that answers when you are trying to convince yourself to head to the gym and your tired body asks “but why?????”.

Well I found several visualizations of course – there are lots of women who work hard and show off some great muscle because of it!  But I settled on one and it was Erin Stern.  She has great legs, looks very athletic, not just muscular, and she just looks like she has fun in her body, enjoys what she’s able to do with it because she keeps it fit… and isn’t that a great idea?  work for a body you can enjoy, not just stare at in the mirror?!  She also has a positive attitude and great work ethic.

So I am too lazy to create an actual board… and much too lazy to decorate it with pretty letters and glitter and ribbon and quotes… but darn it if I didn’t just thumbtack her picture on my wall.  And in a little gift from the universe, this past weekend I just happened to stumble on the fact that she was making an appearance at a fitness expo less than 5 miles from my house!  Oh what fun!  I was so excited to meet her, but also a little nervous (you really must read about my Jamie Eason experience (aka disaster)).

And here we are!  So proud I kept calm and had an actual chit chat, as I was lucky enough to happen by the booth while no one else was there :)    She is so nice and encouraging too!


*yes – next time I’ll be taking pictures with one of the worlds leading bodybuilders I will pay more attention to my frumpy attire!  *

I also met Camille Leblanc – from the Crossfit Games (did anyone else just picture here with a bow and arrow???).  She’s so cute and so tiny for the massive strength she has!

PS – a fitness expo is pretty fun!  And full of goodies (samples)!  there’s a lot of protein in that there pile hahaha



I got tricked though – we tried the premixed protein pancakes and they were good… too good… hubby ordered 3 large containers for me (isn’t he sweet?)  Some girls like diamonds – just buy me 6 months worth of protein pancakes and you’ve won my heart!


PS – just this morning, realized the downside of sampling protein powders… some of them taste like doodoo!  Industry service announcement:  just because you slap the word Paleo onto your product does NOT mean you no longer have to worry whether it tastes good!


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