WHAT? it takes effort???.

“Hard work is the only way anyone ever accomplishes anything!  Nothing good ever comes easy.  Everything worth having in life has a price attached to it.”

Many of you are not going to like this post (I didn’t like the idea until a very short while ago…)  but I know it to be true and therefore will share it with you.  It takes effort to be fit and healthy.

It takes effort to eat right, and when you exercise you have to exert yourself.  I’ve heard exercise regimines such as “played with the kids in the backyard”, “walked around the mall”, “walked up and down the stairs 3 times today to do laundry”, “I park far away at the store”, and those who really mean it… “I walk for 30 minutes every day”.

While these are all good activities for life and a very general level of fitness, none of them made you breathe hard, none of them made you sweat (not perspire, but sweat), none of them made you think “I canNOT do ONE more!!”, none of them made you beg for mercy.  They are a good USE of your body, but they are not exercising it (see even the word exercise looks like EXERT), they are not challenging it; truth be told they are not CHANGING it.

If you are content with that it’s perfectly fine, but don’t whine about why you aren’t losing weight or why you don’t have muscle tone  like THAT lady at the PTO.  THAT lady at the PTO works her butt off even if you don’t see it and she earns it.  {funny story here – I made an acquaintance who looking at made me keep muttering to myself “gosh I wish I looked like that” as if she had a body that was unfairly gifted to her… in conversation I found out that she spends FOUR HOURS A DAY at the gym… I felt like a b*** and learned my lesson right there.  How dare I assume that she didn’t earn that body? how dare I think that I could get it without some effort?}

Don’t feel bad, I am not judging you – I’ve uttered those same sentences my whole life “I parked far away why am I still fat?”   “I ate a salad every day this week why am I not losing weight?”  Until I started exercising hard (and yes thought I would die the first few workouts) I didn’t REALIZE what effort meant, I didn’t know I could do those things so I was content to pretend that walking across the parking lot was exercise (it felt like effort that’s all I know!) – I can feel the difference between that and a proper workout now!

And I will agree that walking up and down stairs IS better than doing nothing BUT is THAT really your goal for yourself?  “better than nothing” ??? Is that really your highest aspiration?  the best that you really think you can do?  “better than nothing”???

Wo-Man up – you deserve more than better than nothing!

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