Easy Steamed Broccoli – now you have no excuse!

Easiest broccoli prep ever!

Grab a whole head of broccoli, chop off about an inch of the big stem, place in microwave safe large bowl with a splash of water (you already washed the broccoli right?), cover and cook on high for 4-5 minutes (admire how green and beautiful it is!)  … NOW EAT IT!
I usually chop it right in the bowl into more bite sized chunks and serve – the kids love to sprinkle some parmesan.

{I love mine with just a tiny bit of crunch left but if you like it mushy just up the time}

Now you have no excuse not to eat your veggies:)  4 minutes, that’s faster than you can make the box of macncheese you are staring at; that’s faster than you can finish grilling the chicken when you realized you “forgot” to make a veggie; that’s faster than driving to taco bell cuz you “just don’t have time” to make a meal!
It’s totally organic and gluten free, it’s a whole food, there’s just no reason not to ;)

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