Dark Chocolate (HOMEMADE! and healthy)

Great recipe to share for you dark chocolate lovers!!

**original recipe http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2012/01/15/three-ingredient-chocolate-bars-1/  only changed a little…

1 serving
1tb coconut oil
2 tsp of cocoa powder
1-2 packets of stevia sweetener (or sweetener of choice just not liquid)

melt coconut oil in micro for about 20 seconds, mix in cocoa really well and pour onto wax paper – I usually put the wax paper in a bowl so it doesn’t just spread out everywhere – fridge for 2 hours or so – YUM
*I even added 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder for an experiment – still YUMMY – if experimenting do not add anything liquid!*

I bought a chocolate bar mold (I used it for the pic above – isn’t it purty?!) – so I am making 8 servings at a time
8 servings
1/2 cup coconut oil
about 1/3 cup  cocoa powder
10 packets of stevia sweetener

melt coconut oil in micro for about 20-30 seconds, mix in cocoa really well, pour evenly into mold fridge for 2 hours or so (my mold breaks apart into 16 bite size pieces and one serving is 2 pieces)

1 serving = 135 cal, 14 g fat, teeny bit carb, teeny bit protein, 2 g of fiber :)

note – this is not a low cal recipe (serving above has 120 cal all from fat – but good fat) – I made this because in my situation I need non carb snacks at night and I eat so much low-fat stuff that I do not get my minimum amount of GOOD fats most days …. this would also make a great “shell” around a homemade protein bar

HOW is this better than a store bought bar?   it takes out the (high) sugar content and fillers – you can make it as “dark” as you wish, and it uses good fat instead of hydrogenated fats and stabilizers.  Plus those bars have so little actual chocolate – you miss a lot of the antioxidant power of the cocoa!!

PS – I experimented with unsweetened baking chocolate figuring I’d melt and add sweetener – it is pretty potent – you might like it and I am gonna eat it so I don’t waste it but man it was hard core! hahaha

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