Cosmetic… I think not…

I wasn’t sure how much I’d be willing to share publicly about my recent surgery and down time… but after what I’ve been through this year (and the last 2 weeks), I can tell you that any stigma/embarrassment I had in my own mind about  “costmetic” surgery has been beaten out of me!

So you’ll probably get the full scoop over the next few posts, but as this is one of my first days sitting upright in a chair, this one will be short ;)

I can start by saying that while my surgery was cosmetic in nature, the way you feel about your body  – especially after having put in so much hard work is anything BUT cosmetic.   And I know full well that I did every ounce of anything I could have done without surgery BEFORE surgery.  ***

The difficult thing is that it is elective – you aren’t gonna die or shorten your life by NOT having it done -  but I can tell you this…  afterward your body does not care if it was “elective” or not!  Including 3 surgeries and 2 babies, this is physically the most difficult thing I’ve ever been through  – I am down for the count for 6 weeks (which I have to admit I didn’t quite believe when they kept telling me beforehand… ya know I pictured getting caught up on soaps and all the reading I piled on my Kindle for my “downtime”… neither has happened so far :)   my big accomplishment today was a small 30 minute nap on my BED instead of my recliner… )

***I also know that the measure of a person is not about your size or your shape or the wrinkle of your skin or the way your “girls” hang … and I feel the need to remind myself of this as much as to remind everyone else… IF you will feel “better” if you lose a few pounds then work toward the goal, IF you will feel “better” if the “girls” aren’t pointed directly south and you can feasibly do something about it, then do so.  But these things will not magically make you or anyone else feel different about YOU … in all decisions I hope that none of these things become a measure of who you are and whether you are worthy or special or wonderful :)    I promise it was not for me – it was a little extra something that I wanted for me***

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