Cookie math!

Thought we’d have a fun little post today :)

The math of eating “just one” cookie per day…  first we need some *scientific* assumptions…

  • The cookies my girls baked the other day were 120 calories each so we will go with that as a standard
  • We will assume that you’ve eaten otherwise “well” all day long and are having “just one” cookie as your reward (or whatever)
  • We will assume that you do this nightly but you can extrapolate if you want to pretend you will indulge in cookies (or insert other guilty pleasure here) on a less frequent basis

120 calories x 365 days brings us to a yearly total of  43,800 extra calories
3500 calories = 1 pound
so in the course of 1 year…
your nightly “just one” cookie packs 12.5 extra pounds
on YOU

Is that what you wanted as your ‘reward’?  :)

Now please don’t take this post to mean that I think we should all live life cookie free, but it does show you how a seemingly harmless action can sabatoge your efforts BIG TIME and that if you want to indulge in guilty pleasures of the caloric variety, you NEED TO ACCOUNT FOR THEM :)

Now THAT’s cookie math – learn it, share it!

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