Confessions of an eating out addict…

My name is Debi and I am an eating-out addict…
you might think that having lost a lot of weight and relishing in my new fit lifestyle that I do not eat out, except maybe for a night out on the town or a special treat – it’s far from true.
I eat out at least 6 times a week!

I honestly can’t figure out why – I have food at home, I like cooking, I don’t mind having to clean it up – one time I cooked dinner for my family before they left for an activity… I did not eat but waited until they left and went out on my own for dinner!  And it’s not like I eat at fancy places – I will often make special effort just to go to Subway. Nonetheless, I need to work on that bad habit…

When I started my weight loss journey I did not do this – I ate my meals at home because I knew that what I was doing was working, and I was afraid to mess it up.  Eating out got the better of me though (for the time being!) and to fit it in I had to learn how to make eating out work because I am on a path and I am not turning around!

Let me preface the advice part of this post by saying that I do NOT think this is good, in fact, for my specific goals it is BAD BAD BAD to put all that processed food into this body but I want to share with you anyway :) because I have managed to continue losing weight and bodyfat while eating out and … well… it might help you in your journey!  Besides this will leave NO excuse as to why you “can’t eat diet friendly foods” ;)

No matter where I might eat, I know what I will be getting.  Turkey, grilled chicken, grilled fish are the meat options; salad (let’s just call it lettuce), steamed veggies, plain baked potato, plain sweet potato are the side options;  other items might be salsa, fat free dressing, plain beans, sometimes whole wheat bread.

Before you start to complain I’ll list the places I eat regularly, and I promise this food is available at all of them:
Subway - any 6g fat or less sandwich, mustard and lots of veggies
BBQ restaurant – turkey and plain potato, sometimes pinto beans, salad if they serve it
Taco Cabana – bowl of grilled chicken, black beans, lettuce, pico and salsa
Chipotles - same as above
McDonalds - grilled chicken salad or grilled chicken sandwich
Wendy’s – same as above
Whataburger - same as above – they also have a fajita taco I have not tried
KFC - they have grilled chicken breasts that are quite tasty, their green beans are not too bad as far as sides go
mexican food - chicken fajitas and ask for a side of lettuce to make my own salad, pinto beans are good, refried not
– grilled chicken or fish and steamed veggies (no butter)
Cheddar’s – same
IHOP - ate grilled fish here I think

one place I found that had absolutely no option for me was Church’s Chicken and the local pizza joint

One trick you will need to learn is to ask them to leave off things you do NOT need – watch out for butter, cheese, mayo
sandwiches- specifically ask for no butter, no cheese, no mayo
potatoes - specifically ask for no toppings, none! – i have found bbq sauce, hotwing sauce, A1 to go well on my potato – these do have sugar and calories so don’t go overboard but they are much better than butter/cheese for you
cabana bowls – no cheese, no sourcream, in fact I ask them to serve everything separately so I can make my own bowl and put as much as I want…
steamed veggies – you have to specify no butter or it’s cooked in
salads - no croutons, cheese, sourcream, dressing – get dressing on the side and put it on yourself – salsa is even better!

DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK – I specifically say sometimes “which dressing has the least calories?” so I get my point across that I am looking for a low-fat meal.  I ASK if they put butter on their bread to toast it, if they put butter in their steaming pot for veggies.  You would not believe how many places “oil” their buns before making sandwiches/burgers.  I am paying a lot of money to dine there, they better not mind answering questions!

As I mentioned – I am not here to encourage you to eat out or to eat fast food – BUT that is a common excuse as to why people cannot lose weight… they just don’t have time to cook or their busy schedule “makes” them eat at fast food places.  Well excuse no more because you CAN eat weight friendly (if not exactly healthy) foods almost anywhere :)

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