Short doses in between blog posts…

The introduction of nursing school, operating my studio, and (quite honestly) a frustrating string of injuries have resulted in blog posts few and far between… good news (I hope!) is that I am almost on break from school so will have much more brain left over for blog topics in the coming months! ;)

BUT in the mean time, you can get shorter doses on my facebook page – I am pretty good about posting there daily (and I love the interaction!).  Plus it gives me ideas for what to blog about that’s helpful to you!

Alas, if you just can’t live without my (much too) wordy blog posts, there are almost 200 to read here already, and I dare say they are still relevant to those looking to get in shape, starting a weight loss journey, the fitness enthusiast… or the working-on-becoming enthusiast ;)


And for pure entertainment value… it’s things like this that you are missing out on if you don’t head over to the FB page!


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