Cocoa – yes you'll love this post!

This week I read and learned something life-changing for me!!!  I can HAVE MY COCOA AND EAT IT TOO!

I am reading one of my new favorite books (always always learning) – The Metabolic Effect.  In it (and on their blog) they explain that cocoa is GOOD for youI am drafting a love note to the author ;)
Seriously though – we are not talking about chocolate bars and m&ms, we are talking about 100% pure cocoa – which is close enough for me!

Paraphrasing here:

Cocoa can help us feel satiated and reduce our cravings (aka – the diet wrecker) . In fact, cocoa also has tons of magnesium and is a good source of fiber, too.   Use cocoa to beat stress too (another fat-storing meanie).
100 percent cocoa powder, unsweetened and loaded with phytonutrients, can aid you in fat-loss efforts. The major benefit of cocoa (the main ingredient in chocolate) is its ability to directly affect the pleasure centers in the brain. It contains compounds that help you feel satisfied, motivated, and energized.

You get the candy “high” without the candy “guilt” AND you no longer have to succumb to sugary, fatty treats to make yourself feel better – so your diet stays intact!

It works too – I experimented as soon as I read this, with a nice steaming cup right before dinner… poor judgement in hindsight because I was too full to eat my dinner!

More detailed explanation and some tidbits on including chocolate in your treats:

Cocoa Drink
- it sounds much more FIT to say that than “hot chocolate” :)

(courtesy of The Metabolic Effect)
Add 1-2 heaping TB raw organic cocoa powder to 8-12 oz of freshly boiled water, and natural sweetener if desired, stir and sip!
You are lookin at 10-20 calories!
You may also add any of a variety of milks but know that you are adding calories.
If you are needing this to be more substantial of a meal – try adding your protein powder – yum!

You can also put 1-2 heaping TB raw organic cocoa powder into your smoothie. This is delicious and equally satiating!

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