Clean (and easy!) Tuna Salad

I was on my way to trying my hand at a tuna burger, tasted for seasoning half way through and decided it was an awesome tuna salad!

12 oz can of tuna – I used albacore packed in water (adjust the rest if you have a smaller can)
1/2 cup cottage cheese
squeeze of mustard
garlic, salt, pepper to taste
paprika for looks or red pepper for heat :)

Yes kids it really is that easy :)   Mix together, put on (whole grain) bread, lettuce, onion, pickles to dress and yum yum!
You can use greek yogurt if you like but all I had was vanilla and that didn’t sound ok :)
Awesome that I can have this without mayo – luv it!

For my ingredients I calculate about 1/3 of this batch to be 130 calories (without bread) and 27 grams of protein

For a tuna burger I was going to try adding egg whites and maybe some oatbran if I felt it needed it, then heat in pan til browned and egg white cooked.

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