Chicken Kale Alfredo OMG

Chicken Kale Alfredo

I’ve made several dishes similar to this but last night’s din din was OMG delish!

5 oz chicken (this was leftover), cubed
4 oz potato, cooked and cubed (micro for 2-3 min)
2 big handfuls of kale (thank you whoever washed and cut and bagged that stuff!!)
.5 cup cottage cheese
generous sprinkle parmesan

Put chicken and potato in non stick pan.  Season with desired flavors – I did salt and pepper.  Add kale and a couple tablespoons of water, cover and let steam on medium for about 4-5 minutes or until you like the look of the kale.  Add cottage cheese, parmesan and some paprika for color.  Stir, turn off heat and cover so it can get all melty and gooey.

Sometimes my cottage cheese dishes get a little watery, some of that is from spinach, some from the cheese, but this dinner was nice and thick… I have no idea if it was because I used kale which lets off less water, or the use of parmesan, or the diced potato soaking up liquid, or if it was my switch to 1% cottage cheese instead of fatfree – just gotta try it!  Rest assured it’s good anywhich way so you can’t go wrong!

sorry for the terrible pic!


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