Calorie article – well worth a read!

If you don’t know already I am a BIG proponent of knowing how to count calories!  Many will disagree but (and my response to that is very similar to the article below!)… it works.  There are other things that work too – primarily because they have the side effect of lowering your calories!  I promise that if you were 200 lbs overweight you probably were not eating fish and broccoli for 5 meals a day – so when you go on a “program” that prescribes you to eat that (or to eat only prehistoric foods or to avoid bread like the plague) you’ve lowered your calorie intake, even if you aren’t counting :)

he says it better than I do – so here ya go!

love it love it love it -

My best advice is to learn to count calories – even if you don’t want to DO it (forever) – at least learn it… because it will bring an awareness to your food intake unlike any you’ve had before… I can EASILY eat within my calorie range without logging anything on a given day because i’ve logged it so much that I am keenly aware of what goes in my mouth!

what I like best about counting my OWN calories rather than being on a diet that counts them for me is that I can substitute anything into my diet – yes even the occasional birthday cake or bread or beer – without wondering what to do now that I’ve eaten something “OFF” my list!

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