Fitness advice from a business magazine!

I’m telling you guys (you follow me on facebook RIGHT?) , you NEED to also follow Entrepreneur – they put out TONS of articles, yes about business, but trade out “money” for “fitness” or “your business” for “your health” and many of those articles have concrete advice for achievement in general!!

A few gems I saw today

Transforming your life in 6 minutes a day – you have 6 minutes right????

Negative thinking that is keeping your from your goals:
do any of these ring a bell? I’ve been guilty of all 5 but #1 gets me a lot…

Another great article at Entrepreneur… substitute money with fitness/health/weight loss and you’ve got some great steps to getting more of it:

some quotes:
“stop doing what you’ve been doing” cuz it ain’t workin

“Your self worth has nothing to do with your finances” *weight*

“you’ll become a lot like the people you spend the most time with. Their belief systems, their ways of being and their attitudes are contagious. You’re either surrounding yourself with those who hold you accountable, or let you off the hook”

“The energy and time you spend on creative excuses is better invested in thinking of actual solutions”

read it for yourself!

YOUR favorite sentence from the article???

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