(blank) diet doesn’t count calories….

I’ve heard this many times – such and such diet doesn’t count calories but it works…

I am sure it does and let me tell you a secret – IT DOES COUNT CALORIES (or at least controls them)

it just does it in not so obvious ways…..

It isn’t just a matter of academic debate – they are making it more confusing (and costly) than it needs to be for people. Weight Watchers points – have you ever seen the “patented” arithmetic they use to pretend that points are some magical thing? (and let’s ponder the reason they need to change this arithmatic every time someone discovers and publishes the formula for public use) they equate to CALORIES… Jennie Craig, Medifast… what do you think those do?! Or how about the diet that tells you to eat exactly 4 oz of meat, 4 oz of potato and 1 cup of broccoli – calories my friend… all of these “plans” are prescribing to you a specific range of calories so that you will lose weight.


I don’t even think it’s necessary to count them – whether you count them outright or not, you are eating them and if you eat less of them because you count them or a program counts them for you OR because you naturally gravitate toward foods that contain less calories, it’s still calories at work :)

Of course, eating a variety of real food versus 1800 calories of twinkies… I think we are all intelligent enough to agree that isn’t the healthiest choice (and if you don’t agree, I don’t think your biggest obstacle is calories anyway). Give people some credit, give yourself some credit, and quit discouraging them from learning HOW it works and then using a method that works for them… and if that method is following Weight Watchers that’s fine JUST DON’T TELL ME IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CALORIES!
Again, pay attention – that’s FINE if you want to use WW or Jennie or eat the same meal 7 days a week – if it works for you and that’s what you are comfortable with (and you can afford it) – just don’t be fooled into thinking it’s something other than calories at work.  My biggest beef with these programs is that they will not tell you or teach you that so you are forever dependant on them :(

Full disclosure here – I started with one of those programs… and it worked… and it was expensive and it was unhealthy (not real food, calories TOO low, was advised not to exercise???).  These are reasons I do not recommend those programs.   I lost 20 pounds before I put that program to rest;  I learned WHY it was working and applied that on my own  (hint: it had a lot to do with….. counting calories :)   ) and I lost 40 more :)

*Before you get huffy…There are medical conditions that make your body UTILIZE  calories differently and result in difficulty losing weight – I do understand that – I also know it is a very small small small portion of the population.  And if it were the case, that person would not lose weight on any of those programs either.  Case in point, I have a thyroid condition diagnosed 12 years ago – that was my convenient excuse as to why I could not lose weight… funny thing is when I actually started counting what I ate it obviously worked, and I still have that same thyroid condition ;) *

READ THIS – it’s more indepth info on this very topic (how to lose weight and what does not make you lose weight, and why some of these other programs work)!  Weight is lost (or gained) over calories!  Seriously though – read it!  There isn’t only ONE way to manage your weight, but you need to understand the concepts for yourself – education is the only way you will enable yourself to call bullshit ;)    http://www.aworkoutroutine.com/how-to-lose-fat/

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