Body Transformation Contest – you need to enter!!

If you haven’t heard me talk about it – THIS book changed my life – mostly in subtle ways but also in some pretty big ways :)   {overlook the cheesey sales page – I promise the book is the best education you’ll get in nutrition and exercise for losing fat}

This is where I learned about the “next  level” of food and that introduced me to weight lifting!  It taught me not to be afraid of carbs and taught me which ones to choose to still be able to meet my goals.  I learned about calculating the calorie level I needed to eat – NOT just eating a random 1200 calories and seeing if I starved (which IS in fact how I started – yikes! )

I read the book a few times through, less and less confused and overwhelmed each time as different lessons started to make sense and sink in.  I was on the author’s email list and got notice of a body transformation challenge…. and THIS article  (especially Rosine) made me wanna sign up! Not just because they’d transformed but because they did it in 7 weeks!  I also liked how most people entering seemed like NORMAL people -  there were people in relatively good shape all the way to 200 pounds overweight – all entered into the same contest, all striving to better themselves with a shared sense of purpose!

I was nervous but entering that contest (read about it here) was one of the best fitness decisions I ever made – instilled a sense of confidence AND I joined a team – some I already knew, some I met after signing up – and they have become the best friends and a rock of support long after that contest ended.  See here – I didn’t win, but I did make it to the Hall of FameTWICE! heehee  AND since I entered during my first FIT holiday, it made Thanksgiving thru New Year’s not only bareable but I LOST weight!
We had so much fun we entered it AGAIN in the 2012 summer!!  **pics below**

I highly suggest you enter if you are at all interested – don’t be afraid to join a team or form your own (they have a forum for those looking for teammates).  Everyone is supportive regardless of what team you are on, but that team keeps you accountable for sure!  You don’t have to be an expert at working out or eating – I had never tried weight lifting before I entered that contest :)   The book I promise prepares you but also the other people in the contest are very helpful!!!  The holiday contest is set to start Nov 15 – there are several days of leeway for you to choose your start date… (It’s announced!).

My holiday before/after (7 weeks)

The 2012 summer challenge before/after (14 weeks)

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