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Happy New Year! And my accidental experiment with fasting…

Wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!  Also I know this is the time a lot of people decide to “get it together” and make a concerted effort toward healthy habits   My own fit-iversary is coming up in … Continue reading

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It’s been 5 years of fit and lately I’m struggling with my fitness It’s not an anniversary or anything I’ve just been seeing posts in my facebook timeline “memories” of that first year of fit – what a FUN time!  … Continue reading

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Birthday Workout (with prizes!) 2016

Celebrating my 42nd – do a birthday workout with me!! 42 reps (or sets if you are brave!) – jumping jacks, burpees, stairs, bear crawls, squats, pushups, leg raises, jumping lunges or squats, whatever you can do … or mix … Continue reading

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LEAP with me for Leap Day!

“Community” workout for all us Fitographers! Special LEAPING workout Do the workout on your own, then join us on the  Facebook  event to share (pics, commentary, etc)!!  

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Luv Your Partner Challenge 2016!

A different kind of workout at Fit-ographer! A relationship workout! Fit-ographer is hosting a fun 7 day challenge for all you LADIES with a significant other…challenge theme is LOVE IS A VERB! About The Mini “Luv Your Partner” Challenge Being … Continue reading

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did you ever have braces?

I started this post after a particular incident, which was actually several months ago – the lesson is still relevant I was at one of my clinicals for school, which is a 12 hour day and for a girl that … Continue reading

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Perspective – a lesson

Perspective – a lesson… This popped up in my personal facebook timeline from 2 yrs ago: “feeling thankful I used to be a computer programmer – as much as I hated it (loathed it, was nauseated by it) I am … Continue reading

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Fit-iversary giveaway!

CELEBRATION time! It is almost my 5 yr fit-iversary!!!   January 3rd! Doing a few fun things… the giveaway, I thought I’d start early! Gorgeous bracelet with a ton of inspiration – 14 different beautiful words to inspire you.  And it’s … Continue reading

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Fit Recipes!

I post recipes on facebook but they quickly get lost in the newsfeed!  And it is crazy that pages don’t have a search function… BUT groups do!  As an experiment of sorts, I’ve created a recipe group.  Members can post … Continue reading

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Merry FIT ME! 25 days of fit – you in?

I know it’s late in the game but I am thinking of doing 25 days of FIT ME for the holiday – and take myself back to the basics of when I started getting fit. The moderation is getting out … Continue reading

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