Almost the New Year! are you ready?!

Do you have a New Year’s resolution?  Some people hate those because “why wait for the New Year? what better time to start than today?”  I can get on board with that, but at the same time I don’t think there is anything wrong with a little prep time before a big task.  JUST make sure you are actually prepping! :)

*I* made my own start date – January 3rd.  That’s when all the hubbub would be done, the kids went back to school, and it was a Monday ;)  I planned for it to be HARD and I didn’t want any excuses… I won’t lie it was difficult – I had withdrawal headaches for several days and probably wouldn’t have done well with a full house of holiday cheer ;)

But you know what else?  I had been working on my plan for 2 months!  Preparing mentally, reading, figuring out how I would schedule my meals, buying containers for my food, revamping my grocery list for the new foods, starting to clear out pantry items, figuring out some recipes.   AND I started to hit the gym, not hard core, just eased into it to get familiar with some exercises, figure the best times for me to go, get used to the atmosphere… and frankly get used to the idea of exercising before I was ALSO dealing with the food issues and the withdrawal!

I think planning/prepping takes away at least a few excuses – you don’t just encounter an obstacle and give up because you’ve already thought of this and you have it covered ;)


PS – I hope I haven’t scared you away talking about the changes being difficult – but the things I talk about preparing for are so easily part of my day now (ie eating 6 times  a day, buying different items at the grocery store) but in the beginning it did take some planning and getting used to ;)   For ME it was important to acknowledge and prepare for the fact that it would be difficult, otherwise I would have run the other way when it smacked me in the face!!


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