A-camping we will go…

Getting packed up for a 4 day camping trip (well I call it “camping” but it’s a large rental home that sleeps 20)… nonetheless… as far as fitness goes it presents the same challenges being away from “my food” and “my routine”.  So I thought I’d share some of the things I do to plan and adapt!

First – 4 days worth of oatbran and protein powder breakfasts have been packaged.  That is the one meal that I really enjoy eating the same thing every.single.day and so does my tummy – it also one of the meals I am able to control by keeping it the same!  I won’t accidentally eat the wrong thing and be hungry 2 hours after an 800 calorie breakfast.   This has protein and complex carbs to keep me tummy full!   It also travels well, I just need water or milk to mix in it and it’s good to go – don’t need to keep it cool, and I don’t heat it during the warmer weather.  Actually packed up 3 extras in case I get stuck for a snack :)

I’ve also packed some portable protein bars for snacking.  I eat 6-7 times a day… people normally only cook 3 meals so I am stuck if I don’t have something for myself in between.  I prefer homemade bars but they don’t travel well in ice chests so…

Our household is cooking one meal, so I’ve made sure it has ingredients I am used to eating, not just for calorie balance but also because if I go outside my norm for too many meals my tummy won’t agree with me :)   My plan meals other families are cooking is to focus on meat and veggies, taste a little of everything and fill up on meat and more veggies!  That’s pretty safe to do when it’s all likely to be grilled.

You might ask “do you ever just not worry about it and have fun?” and I have a few thoughts about that.  First as I mentioned my tummy is used to this way of eating and while I choose to indulge sometimes, doing too much of that will make my tummy angry so why bother :)   Another reason is that personally I find it more satisfying to get back from a vacation and have to lose 1 (or none) pounds, not 5 or 10.  There is no right or wrong here, I just find it more manageable to only go a little off track and not to have to work as hard to get back to where I would like to be :)   I am also a big believer in choosing my battles – ie my treats!  I bought mama quite a bit of Bud 55 for the trip and, since we are camping and driving absolutely no where, I plan to not bring much of it back home… therefore I need to balance the “treat” liquid diet with a sensible food diet! (*of course this entire plan may be thwarted by my current allergic reaction to an antibiotic but we will see *)

I am also packing a ton of water, lots of apples, and fat free cheese to gnaw on…

Oh yea – the best part – I’ve already a camping workout planned!  Hill races against 7 kiddos, races on the inner tubes, heavy rock lifting, jumping on stumps (can you say PLYO?) and the old standbys – squats and jumping jacks.  I could use the kids as weights AND they think you are playing a game – 2 birds with one stone!
A girl’s gotta work off the hops!

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