7 Ways to Get Started … getting FIT

This is not an all-inclusive plan – this is a list of one or more simple things you can do now… for those that are lost, overwhelmed, too tired to even think about a “plan”… just some things that you can do, change, think about (nix that – do not think, just do!)… that will get you at least baby-steppin it down the fit path!!

1.  Change your breakfast options – better yet don’t give yourself “options”
For 35 years I ate cereal with milk for breakfast probably 360 days a year.  I know about “routine” and being “used to” something.  That stopped cold-turkey when I began my fit journey, and now I eat oatmeal or oatbran with protein powder every SINGLE morning – haven’t eaten a bowl of cereal in 20 months.  I’d like to say it was hard but this was one of the easiest changes I made!!  How?  I did not give myself an option – I don’t wake up and wonder what I “feel” like eating – I wake up and make my oatbran and eat it – it takes me 60 seconds to wolf that down if I am in a hurry so there is no excuse about how much time I don’t have either.  Just do it…

2.  Move that butt – don’t let yourself say “can’t” or “won’t” or “too_____ (tired, lonely, hurt, fat, skinny, early, late)”
Don’t have 60 minutes of gym time in your day, that’s fine – don’t even TRY to tell me you can’t find 5 or 10 minutes.  I am calling your bluff before you even start.  I really want to meet the person that honestly does not have 10 minutes a day.  Quit telling yourself that 10 minutes won’t make a difference so why bother… 10 minutes of NOTHING will definitely not make a difference either, so no harm trying!! (Plus – secret – once you get in the habit of this 10 minutes a day thing, you’ll suddenly be able to find 15 or 20 minutes…)  Besides – if you find something SUPER intense to do I promise you can wax yourself out with only 10 minutes! (heard of Tabata??  or a jump rope??)

3.  Eat more chicken and fish and turkey
Sub out 2 meals a week and take that hamburger helper off the menu – replace it with some chicken dish.  Doesn’t have to be fancy, just eat chicken instead of hamburger, turkey instead of steak, fish instead of sausage.  None of those new meats take longer to cook than beef so just try it.  You CAN cook super lean beef I suppose, but will you??

4.  Don’t fry it – when trying number 4 – DO. NOT. FRY. IT.  I repeat in italics in case it is easier to understand DO NOT FRY IT …  maybe in red?  DO NOT FRY IT
OMG – all I can say on this one is don’t eat it fried – even McD and Wendy’s offers grilled chicken so do NOT attempt to tell me you couldn’t “find” it.  Eat a potato for goodness sake but don’t fry it.  I think you get the gist…  You probably won’t die (this instant) if you eat something fried but your best weight loss friend is going to be getting that fried food into the “treat” category, not the “food” category.

5. Try to have an open mind and try some new food
Some of my favorite meals are foods that once upon a time I would have thought were disgusting!  Who knew I would grow to love a concoction of cottage cheese, egg whites, and oatbran so much that I literally save my calories to make sure I am going to be able to eat it as my after dinner snack!  There will be foods you try and you still don’t agree with, there will be foods that you have to try 4 or 5 times to start to like (or love) them, but have an open mind and open tastebuds and give it a TRY!

6.  Look at the nutrition value of everything you eat
If at this point you are not ready to count calories (which in the future I beg you to learn – this was my aha point!), at least LOOK at the nutrition value of what you are eating.  This brings an awareness like nothing else to look at it yourself, not just have someone give you a list of “good” and “bad” foods, or “points” and “free” foods.  Sometimes this act alone stops you from eating something you thought wasn’t “too” bad – hubby and I were looking thru the frozen aisle for a special treat but when we realized even the LITTLE carton of Ben and Jerry’s was over 1000 calories total (really like 4 people are gonna eat that little thing!) we decided it just wasn’t worth it :)

7.  Lay off the condiments – or at least pay attention!
These little suckers really do matter – little butter here, a splash of oil into the pan, mayonaisse, ranch dressing, cheese, croutons, nuts for your salad…  Quick little math for you – pat of butter or tablespoon of oil is roughly 120 calories.  Just one of these every day adds enough calories to pack 12.5 lbs a year to that little hiney you have to move for #2 above!

Weight loss can get quite a bit more sophisticated than this, but it’s really not necessary to start down your path!  No excuses – these are so easy you CAN DO IT!

My friends chimed in with a few more simple changes you can make on your quest to vanquish some fat!!

  • Season, season, season your food. You can be eating the most boring meal EVER, but if you have it seasoned well – it can be the best tasting thing you’ve ever eaten!
  • Don’t go into it with the intent to change everything in one day – bite of little bits of your goal and slowly add more as you go. If you start out too fast and furious you just set yourself up for dissapointment :)
  • Count everything you eat and drink. Your meals are a big part of losing weight and if you aren’t eating right and healthy then it well be a lot harder to lose weight. (in other words, you cannot rely on exercise to make up for your food habits!)
  • Make a menu each week and stick to it! If you plan what you will be eating, you are less likely to make poor choices.
  • Eat your meals on salad plates instead of dinner plates so your smaller portions won’t look like less.
  • Challenge your tastebuds! Try one new healthy food every week. You will soon have so many healthy foods to choose from that there will be no room for the unhealthy!
  • Don’t eat 2-3 hours before bed…if you are hungry drink 8-16 oz. of water!
  • Eat breakfast every day, no exceptions! (gets the motor running, and no sugar does not count as breakfast!)
  • Drink the proper amount of water daily. Just google a hydration calculator and you should find one that can help you calculate how much water you should be drinking daily taking into consideration your current weight, activity level, health issues, etc.
  • Walk and hydrate!


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