6 Week Challenge!!

We are beginning a 6 week challenge on Sept 28th and

Don’t worry – all that is required is your committment :)   We will be selecting our own PERFORMANCE based goals and working toward them with each other’s help and encouragement.

Email to participate and I’ll send info regarding what your goal should look like, and how/when we will “check in” with each other to keep us all on track!  I am excited about this one – it gives you a chance to compete with yourself to get better numbers on SOMETHING (some activity) that you’ve been wanting to work on :)

**no there is no cost involved – just your committment!**

Email debi at lifesimages.com  for info and to participate!!

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One Response to 6 Week Challenge!!

  1. ann mclran says:

    Hi Debbie…I am interested in your 6 wks challenge & would like to learn more about it….Regards/Ann