55 lbs! and thoughts on goals

Yay me!  I hit 55 pounds lost today!  completely amazing if I do say so myself ;)

And this brings me to some thoughts on goals – when I began this journey I had a solid goal in mind (32 lbs) and this was the focus of all my early efforts.  As I began dropping weight I thought to myself “well if this goes well MAYBE just MAYBE I’ll let myself dream about a more lofty goal of 42 lbs!”  This seemed possible but not very probable to me at the time… and now look where I am!  23lbs PAST what I thought I could achieve!!!

Part of that initial doubt came because I was not aware of my potential (few of us are); partly because I spent a lifetime calculating what I knew I could do and aiming for that because I was deathly afraid of failing (which is silly because when you fail WHO CARES! PICK YOURSELF UP AND TRY AGAIN!); partly because I was given a general message that it wasn’t “reasonable” for someone my age to aim for my 20 yr old body again… limits come from everywhere!

This is difficult advice because you do want to set goals you can achieve – if you chase the impossible you set yourself up for a lot of unnecessary disappointment BUT very often what you *think* is possible is far below your actual potential :)   It is important to note that MY goals are not an indicator for YOUR goals…  just as you shouldn’t limit yourself, you should not aspire to anyone’s dreams but your own.  I do not share in my husband’s goals of running marathons – BUT not because I think I CAN’T – just don’t want to :)

Perhaps the trick is to constantly evaluate your goal or set new ones – you don’t just arrive at your goal and call it a day… there’s not a person on earth that has nothing left to improve on right?   Besides when you get to one place you often find yourself interested in things you never thought you would be – like seeing how many pushups I can do!  hahahaha

You won’t even be able to fathom what is on the next horizon until you stand on the top of this one and have a look!

**I have a whole other post in mind regarding “before” pictures!  yikes!**  for now, here’s one that made me laugh (for many many reasons!!  this is from last year…)

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