An easy meal plan! Simple as it gets…

So I was reading The 4 Hour Body – which is a random assortment of advice for your body and your life (by the hilarious, intriguing, if not a little bit odd, author of the 4 Hour Workweek).  I checked it out from the library but it is such a huge book I had to read fast before it was due.  I told hubby that the writing drew you in so much to want to keep reading that he decided we better just buy it :) (now he’s reading it!)

As I mentioned the book is huge and so varied with topics that I could probably write several blog posts about each one… today I decided to focus on the diet chapter :)

The diet he recommends for weight loss is simple, easy to follow, hard to mess up, doesn’t leave out fat or carbs, easy for the busy, the lazy, the I-don’t-wanna-count person.  It could be boring and repetitive (but if you lose 20lbs by being boring and repetitive for a small amount of time, that might be OK!  I ate the same thing for 90 days straight on a different plan – it was worth it to me).

Straight from the horse’s mouth:  Just remember: this diet is, first and foremost, intended to be effective, not fun. {heehee}

BUT it won’t be boring if you are creative!  Pssst – there are a LOT of 4 Hour Body recipes on the internet!

He lays out 5 rules but I think it can really be boiled down to one rule and a list…
one rule:  every meal has meat or eggs, beans, and veggies esp green ones
the list:  acceptable items in those categories (included at the bottom)
extra rule – and this will be your favorite – take one day off and go bonkers???

Does it work?  Well hubby is on his 10th day and he’s lost about 8 pounds.  He’s not hungry, is able to eat out (as long as we don’t visit a sandwich shop), and never finds himself in the pantry wondering what “looks good” and ending up with a pizza and a mouthful of left over brownie (you know it happens just like that!).  He knows what’s on the menu and it makes choices easy!  {I should note that I am not following this diet, but only because I like counting my calories and am not really in weight loss mode any more…I am eating a lot more beans though :) }

And why wouldn’t it work?  This is the basic formulation of every (balanced) meal plan I’ve seen – protein, carb, veggies for meals, only the carb selection is limited to beans in this one (you can google the reason for beans or buy the book!).  He doesn’t recommend counting calories per se BUT by virtue of the food selection and the portion size the calories fall into place by default.

Now I should note I don’t think this is the way you’d want to eat forever, you need variety physically and mentally – it’s more something you would do for 30 days every now and again.

The diet is detailed here for all to see… so rest assured I did not just copy out of his book and post it ;)   I’d suggest reading that article – but better yet – buy the book!  If for no other reason than it is intriguing and hilarious…


The Food List

Egg whites with 1–2 whole eggs for flavor
Chicken breast or thigh
Beef (preferably grass-fed)
**we added turkey

Black beans
Pinto beans
Red beans

Mixed vegetables (including broccoli, cauliflower, or any other cruciferous vegetables)
Green beans
**we added tomatoes

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